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About Us

What’s Photo Open Stock?

Photo Open Stock is part of a major network called Open Stock Network which includes Vector Open Stock, Logo Open Stock, Theme Open Stock and our inspirational blog Open Stock Blog. The main aim of the Network is to provide designers and creatives with high quality, useful and accessible resources for their creations. Each site has different modality in terms of licenses and accessibility to files.

The main goal of Photo Open Stock is to provide free of charge and low-cost high quality images for creatives, designers, webmasters, etc. All the images in our site can be downloaded free of charge in the smallest size. This makes our site a great option for those looking for images for web use for example, avoiding the risk of using images you 'found' on the web, that might hold copyright or intellectual property and lead you to legal issues. The only requirement we ask back is a backlink to the author and the photo profile. More can be learned on Free Photos Usage (link).

A Paid Photo Stock, A Free Photo Stock or a Photo Social Network?
The 3 of them!!! Yes, Photo Open Stock is not only a Photo Stock but a Social Network, so we have created a lot of social features on our site like comments, likes, followers, collections, etc. So you can share your thoughts, like photos, receive comments of your work and a lot more. This makes Photo Open Stock a valuable community.We got permission from our contributors to distribute images in smallest size for free, this allow us to pull traffic to our site and to get better exposure for our Contributor’s images, and better selling opportunities.
If you need a larger image you can always pay a very reasonable fee to get them in medium or big size.

Share and sell images, get paid!

As a photographer you are welcome to become a contributor uploading your stuff to our site. You will be able to earn money, have an online portfolio and also promote your work on the net. We provide to each contributor a DO FOLLOW link to your personal site on your profile page, which is great for your web exposure and search engineers ranking (Google for example). We pay the highest commissions in the market, up to 70% for the expert users which are in a level that is accessible with a little of work. Check commission chart in How it works?. As a photographer, you may ask, why I have to give my photos for free. Well, the fact to the matter is that we have worked with that model in the rest of the sites of the network and it has worked very well. Giving something away is very much appreciated by users and drive us traffic and potential buyers. So this simple concept makes us different and our users love it. Eventually if someone will use the image for a big print or for a more serious commercial publication or material, they will buy the image. So, we ask you to trust us and test this modality. There is no fee to register and use the site, so don’t be shy and go ahead, Register here

Download images for free and pay low for quality

Lots of images of all kinds can be download on Photo Open Stock. Our stock is constantly growing and we are committed to achieve great things with it. As a member, you can download any image for free in smallest size. This size is big enough for web, apps and some print uses. Please, don’t forget to credit the author of the photo, this is the only requirement asked back. Additionally, if you need a bigger size or you don’t wanna credit the photographer, you can pay a low fee and get the image in bigger sizes. Price are very competitive and you pay only for the files you download, no subscriptions, no regular payment or extra costs charged.

Who we are?

We are a team of Uruguayan (land of Diego Forlan!! South America for those who don’t know it) enthusiastic young entrepreneurs trying to earn our place in life giving something back to the world. Our company is registered in Uruguay, register number RUT 21 6947160018.We believe in teamwork, collaboration, sharing, exchange and that a better world is possible. Apart from working on technology projects, we love music, art, photography, going to the beach and cultivate ourselves.

Quickly, the team

Matias: Positive, smart, picky and strategic person. Great skills for interpersonal communication, human resources management and strategic decision making. Always up to those details we all miss. Also, he’s a percussionist and photography lover.

Seba: Artistic, mature, cultured and straight to the point. He’s a great designer, painter, drawer and an awesome Tango Dancer. He designed the whole site and the mascot. He’s always reading something new… fascinated about art and also a photography enthusiast.

Leo: Creative, hairy, bearded, funny and crazy when he wants. Leo has developed wonderful skill on project management, strategy and doing all kind of things as a good multitasking guy. He’s musician, songwriter, theater enthusiast, clown experimenter, bike lover and traveller.

SMart: Smart, intelligent, resourceful, geek and AC/DC fan! Smart (Seba), is the leader of the development team and responsible for the great platform we have. He’s always 1 step ahead all of us, so when you are going to ask something to him, either he is on it or he has already done it.

THANKS to all our users to trust this project and support us! Let’s rock!